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16 Important Reasons Why Clients Ask Francisco G. Medina to Represent Them — and Why We Hope You Will, Too!

REASON #1: Puts Your Case on a Fast Track. Insurancecompanies often drag their feet, creating unnecessary delays of two or threeyears before they settle your claim.  Toget your case resolved quickly, Mr. Medina files a lawsuit against theinsurance company and requests a trial date soon after starting work on yourcase.  This puts pressure on theinsurance company to settle your claim because the date your case is going totrial has already been determined.  Manyof Mr. Medina’s cases are set for trial within one year, which often results inan early settlement.

REASON #2: ExclusivelyCases Involving Traumatic Injuries and Death. Mr. Medina limits his law practice torepresenting people who have been injured or families of people who have diedas the result of someone else’s failure to follow the safety rules.

REASON #3: Personal Practice of Law. Mr. Medina openedhis private practice in Houston in 1983. As a sole practitioner, he provides his clients with the high level ofskill and experience they want – and the individual care and attention theydeserve.

REASON #4: Reputation Motivates Settlement. Mr.Medina’s reputation as a skilled, experienced trial attorney oftenmotivates insurance companies to settle cases without going to court.  And if the insurance carrier chooses not tosettle, Mr. Medina is prepared to take your case to trial.

REASON #5: RepresentedInjured Victims for 36 Years. In 1983,Mr. Medina started his own law practice, representing clients who sufferedaccidental injuries.  Over the past 36 years,he has represented hundreds of victims who suffered accidental injuries andfamilies of persons who have died.

REASON #6: HighestRating of AV. The respectedInternational Law Directory Martindale-Hubbell reviewed confidential opinionsfrom lawyers and judges and then awarded Mr. Medina the AV Preeminent® rating,which represents “the highest level of professional excellence.”

REASON #7: Admitted to Major Courts. Mr. Medina is admitted to practice law beforeall Texas State Courts, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the UnitedStates Supreme Court.

REASON #8: Bar Association Memberships. Mr. Medina is a member of the HoustonTrial Lawyers Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, American BarAssociation, and American Association for Justice.

REASON #9: Long-Time Friend and Neighbor. Mr.Medina has lived in Texas for 62 years and has practiced law in Texasfor 36 years.

REASON #10: FamilyValues. Mr. Medina and his wife,have raised their two children in Harris County.  They have supported family, civic, charitableand religious activities for decades.

REASON #11: Clients Are Family Members. One reason Mr. Medina gets excellentresults for his clients is because he works as hard for them as he would forsomeone in his own family.

REASON #12: Client Communication. The key to Mr. Medina’s successful careerhas been the quality of his relationships with clients.  Good communication reduces anxiety and helpsbring cases to a successful resolution as quickly as possible.  His primary focus is to listen to andcommunicate with clients, so he better understands their needs and providesthem with the best possible legal representation.

REASON #13: EducationalFocus. Mr. Medina is committed tohelping his clients make informed, intelligent decisions.  He shows his commitment, in part, byproviding in-depth educational information in writing and on his web site.

REASON #14: Passion for Justice. Mr. Medina knows that the differencebetween getting a quick and easy settlement and a truly just award often comesdown to determination.  Some people callthis having a tough attitude.  Mr. Medinacalls this a passion for justice.  He willinsist that the other party respect your rights and treat you with dignity.

REASON #15: Third-Party Recommendations. Mr.Medina gladly provides you with comments from former clients – each ofwhom can attest to his knowledge, skill, judgment and experience, as well ashis kind, caring manner.

REASON #16: Free Consultation. Mr. Medina will gladly talk with youabout your injury claim at no cost or obligation.  He and his firm’s members are bilingual(English/Spanish).  You’re invited tocall him today: 713-869-7030.