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9 Dangerous Assumptions About Your Injury Claim That Could Cost You a Fortune in Pain, Suffering, and Money

Law Offices of Francisco G. Medina Dec. 17, 2019

ASSUMPTION #1:  The insurance company will treat you fairly and pay you what your case is worth. WRONG! The insurance company will pay you as little as possible and the adjuster will high-pressure you, hoping that you will accept their low-ball amount.  ASSUMPTION #2:  The jury will return a verdict that pays you what your accident case is worth.WRONG! This all depends on the skill of the lawyer you hire.  The more knowledge and experience your lawyer has, the better he can present a strong case to the insurance company – and then to the jury if your case goes to trial.   ASSUMPTION #3:  If the insurance company wants to record your statement, you must agree; otherwise, the insurance company will not pay your claim.WRONG! Never allow an insurance company to record your conversation until you talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer.   ASSUMPTION #4:  When the insurance company says their offer to you is final, that means you will never get more than that amount for my claim. WRONG! This is just another strong-arm tactic adjusters use to get you to settle for much less than your claim is worth.   ASSUMPTION #5:  The best way to choose an injury lawyer is from a television commercial. WRONG! Sadly, many of the lawyers who advertise the most are often the lawyers who have the least amount of experience. ASSUMPTION #6:  Lawyers who agree to represent you will take my case to trial if the insurance company does not offer enough money. NOT ALWAYS! Some injury lawyers will not take your case to trial.  Instead, they work with a high volume of cases and they settle cases as quickly as they can.  Often, this means you’ll get far less money than you deserve. ASSUMPTION #7: Lawyers who advertise on TV have more experience and better skills than those who don’t.WRONG!  Many times, the most skilled, experienced lawyers are those whose names you’ve never heard.  You see, they don’t need to advertise because other lawyers refer cases to them because of their high level of knowledge, skill, judgment, and experience. So, it’s likely you have never heard of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in your town.  ASSUMPTION #8:  If you don’t feel any pain at the accident scene, you aren’t injured.NOT ALWAYS! In many cases, you won’t feel the pain from an accident until days or even weeks after the accident.  The insurance company wants to settle your case quickly before you know the extent of your injuries.  This is why you should NEVER be in a hurry to settle your claim. ASSUMPTION #9:  If the hospital emergency room releases you to return home, you don’t need further medical treatment. NOT ALWAYS! Emergency rooms occasionally miss injuries because they don’t do enough tests, don’t take enough X-rays, don’t get a comprehensive medical history.  The purpose of an emergency room is to treat you immediately for any life-threatening injuries.  You should still follow up with your doctor so he or she can do a thorough exam.