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Pedestrian Accidents Attorney in Houston, Texas

Though many are familiar with the trauma caused by automobile accidents, few consider the harm inflicted on pedestrians by road accidents. Nearly 5,000 pedestrians die in traffic accidents each year. We represent individuals in Houston and throughout Texas who have sustained personal injuries due to pedestrian accidents. 

We also represent the surviving family members of pedestrians who died in road accidents, in many cases due to another person’s negligent or reckless actions.

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While many victims of pedestrian accidents are fortunate enough to recover, the injuries sustained in these kinds of accidents are severe and can change the victim’s life. Though you survived, you may have lost the use of a limb or sustained injuries as serious as paralysis, nerve damage, dislocated or broken bones, or injuries to your head or neck. We realize that immediately after your accident, you will want to focus on covering your medical debts, avoiding future economic hardship due to lost wages, and getting the insurer to cover future related treatment. 

Once you take the step of contacting us, Franc will put his experience to work for you by talking with you about your unique situation, reviewing your options, and working with the other parties involved—including the insurance companies—to arrive at a quick and appropriate resolution to your case.

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If you or a loved one lives in Houston or anywhere in Texas, and have sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident, or you are the survivor of an individual who was killed in a pedestrian accident, call us for a free consultation today!