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Car Accidents Attorney in Houston, Texas

Unfortunately, over 6 million automobile accidents occur in the United States each year. This results in millions of injuries and thousands of deaths. 

The Law Offices of Francisco G. Medina represents individuals who have suffered injuries or property damage in car accidents. Car accidents are one of the most common forms of personal injury cases in Houston.

These accidents result from a variety of circumstances ranging from drunk drivers, hit-and-run drivers, and under- or uninsured drivers. We also accept cases caused by rollovers and collisions between motor vehicles, SUVs, and semi-tractor trailers.

Collisions are not the only cause of injuries occurring in automobiles. Our firm also accepts cases based on injuries caused by defective products or designs in trucks and automobiles.

These manufacturing and design defects include faulty seatbelts, gas tanks, and tires. Pursuing charges against a company that has neglected to ensure safety for their cars requires deep understanding of legal factors surrounding the case. That is where a personal injury attorney can come to your help. 

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Car accidents can change your life. The crash is a start of a long and stressful process including determining the faulty party, filing the insurance claim, and obtaining the closure to move on after the crash. It can be stressful to take on the law and the insurance company at the same time by yourself. However, this complex and long task need not be a solo task. We are a Car Accident Injury Attorney Houston Texas and we have been fighting for car accident victims for years. Insurance companies often minimize the compensation; however, we have the expertise to navigate the confusing insurance and legal process to get you the money you deserve. If you hire us, you get your own Houston Car Accident Lawyer, with 24/7 communication. We only make money if you are paid. You can contact us for a free evaluation to discuss your case.

As Automobile Accidents Lawyer In Houston TX, we have been helping clients to receive the justice and compensation that they deserve. Insurance companies often minimize the compensation that you are owed, what appears as a lump sum amount could fall short in covering medical costs over the long run, unaccounted damages, delayed injuries, and lost wages since you may miss work because of the accident. Victims often fail to account for many things when settling for a settlement amount; however, we have the expertise to navigate the insurance and legal process.

The car accident is only the beginning of further problems. Filing an insurance claim alone can be confusing, especially if the accident is being disputed. Insurance companies often try to settle claims for a far less amount than what is deserved.  Hiring us after your accident will help you have someone by your side who understands the insurance company’s tricks and your state’s laws.

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We understand the difficulties you face as you recuperate from this trauma, and we know your main goals after surviving the car accident are to pay your medical bills, get the insurance company to cover future related treatments, and prevent any further financial suffering due to lost wages. Francisco G. Medina will work with you closely to understand your situation and review your legal options. We will work closely to resolve every concern with other parties involved, using our experience with Houston-based insurance branches and legal systems to your favor.

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