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Truck Accidents Attorney in Houston, Texas

Law Offices of Francisco G. Medina represents drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who have been in an accident with a truck or 18-wheeler. Businesses pressure their truck drivers to deliver their cargo on time, so it’s no wonder that trucking accidents have become more common on our highways and city streets. A range of circumstances can cause these accidents, including hit-and-run drivers, unsafe road conditions, inexperienced drivers, drunk drivers, and drowsy or inattentive drivers.

Trucking accidents can cause a range of injuries. Some are typical of motor vehicle accidents, including whiplash and broken bones. Others, such as fire or chemical burns, may occur more frequently when commercial trucks haul flammable or caustic chemicals. These injuries are all serious, and often change not only the lives of the victims, but also their outlook, their goals, and their ability to support themselves and remain independent.  For these cases, you need an experienced injury attorney in your corner to go up against powerful, deep-pocketed insurance companies.

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Whatever your injury may be, we understand that your immediate need after surviving the trauma of an accident is to resolve unpaid medical bills, hold off additional financial hardship through lost wages, and ensure payment of future medical treatment. We will sit down with you, discuss your unique situation, and explain your legal options. Let our firm work with each of the parties in your case to make sure your needs are handled effectively and as quickly as possible.

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Were you injured in a truck accident? Did a big rig or semi-truck driver crash your car? If so, then you need a knowledgeable Truck Accident Lawyer Houston to carry your case from the beginning. Accidents that happen with trucks have a separate set of problems than general car accidents. We understand the nuisance involved in tractor-trailer and semi-truck accidents.

Our Houston lawyer has all the required resources to pursue your accident case. Truck cases which are usually expensive to investigate and pursue, we have all the resources required to handle such tasks properly and at reasonable rates.

If you or a loved one sustained an injury due to a truck accident in Texas, call us for a free consultation today!