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Fighting For Justice – Truck Accident Lawyer

Law Offices of Francisco G. Medina Feb. 2, 2022

18 Wheeler trucks are the most likely to meet an accident on the road because they are huge vehicles that are operated under tight deadlines and in a loaded condition continuously day and night. The drivers are mostly standing victim and proven guilty in these cases. Houston 18 Wheelers Accident Lawyer fights for your right and gets your claims and expenses paid by the alleged parties. These are some factors that make these giant vehicles more likely for accidents on the roads :

  1. Driving Disruption – This includes texting, swiping mobile devices, switching radio stations, and taking your eyes off the road to read billboards. Distraction while driving shortens the reaction time needed to prevent an accident.

  1. Bad Weather – Heavy rain, fog, sleet, and wet roads can all lead to disaster. This is especially true if the driver takes their eyes off the road for a brief moment, even for things that may seem innocuous, such as viewing a GPS navigation.

  1. Reckless Driving – Reckless driving is defined as driving that knowingly or unreasonably disregards the safety of life or property. This may include speeding, driving at stop signs or red lights, racing with other vehicles, or driving under the influence of alcohol.

  1. Fatigue – This applies not only to truck drivers and court breakers but also to motorists who are too tired to stay awake on the road.

  1. Driving under the influence of alcohol – In Texas, a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher is officially considered intoxication. Also, if you are injured while driving under the influence of alcohol, you are considered a drunk driver.

  1. Truck Driver’s Negligence – A truck driver may be considered at fault for not keeping cargo safely (eg- loading exceeding legal limits or using a safety chain). Failure to obey traffic rules is also considered negligent behaviour.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Houston can do several legal tasks for you like –

  • Identify who you can name as a liable party in your case.

  • Calculate your damages to determine compensation charges to get from the alleged company.

  • Prepare and submit legal paperwork by their deadlines.

  • Can find the at-fault party or manufacturer for the case – If the truck driver was working at the time of the accident, the employer could be held liable for negligence i.e. Service Company, Truck Manufacturer. Your attorney will review your case and conduct a separate investigation to determine which party you may sue.

  • Evidence for your justice and to support your claim during the case – When filing a customer’s truck accident case, many attorneys often do an investigation to obtain material that can prove key facts related to the accident case.

  • Get your expenses calculated and paid from at-fault parties – A Houston 18 Wheelers Accident Lawyer can estimate your damages. After your attorney has identified the key information needed to frame your case, you can focus on assessing the cost of your financial and non-monetary damages in order to establish your compensation. When your attorney notifies your case manager, you can discuss the consequences of the truck accident, which you can record and list in your claim form.

  • Can do the legal paperwork and file case on time – Your Houston 18 Wheelers Accident Lawyer can review the official crash report to identify when your case’s filing period begins, then refer to state legislation to determine its statutory deadline. The defendant is exempted from liability and is not required to pay damages.

Your Truck Accident Lawyer Houston may consider any of the following compensatory damages when calculating your case’s projected value :

  • Current and future medical expenses

  • Current and future income loss

  • Pain and suffering and inconvenience

  • Reduced earning capacity

  • Emotional anguish

  • Loss of consortium

Call today to get your work started with an accident attorney. If you are injured in a truck accident in Houston, you can contact MedinaLaw Firm to file your injury case. Our Truck Accident Lawyer Houston is doing his best to legally punish the perpetrators for their negligence so that the victims can receive compensation. For a very affordable consultation on your case, contact MedinaLaw and learn more about what our accident attorneys can do for you.