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Law Offices of Francisco G. Medina May 27, 2022

Wrongful death is a death which is caused by negligence, by will or wrongful act or fault by another person. Whatever may be the reason, the family has lost a cherished person who can be the only earning hand of the family. In such a case the deceased person’s family needs to apply for the death claim and settle a compensatory amount for the same. However, any type of lawyer can handle a wrongful death claim but Wrongful Death Attorney houston is expert and has years of experience in handling such cases.

Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer figures out how much compensation needs to settle as many lawyers find it challenging. Relatives of deceased may involve the following things to cover in the financial award – 

  • Funeral expenses

  • Medical bills

  • Lost income of the deceased person

  • Inheritance loss

  • Loss of services that would have provided by your loved one

  • Loss of support, love and companionship

Laws Applicable on the Claim – 

Although wrongful death cases have common principles, regardless of other factors like location, person etc. A plaintiff in a wrongful death case must involve –

  • They breached the duty of care

  • As a result, family member died

  • Family suffered from loss due to the death

Other than this, state law differs significantly in numerous key areas.

Wrongful Death Attorney Houston has experience in handling wrongful death cases and knows well how to approach the delicate questions and seek justice. In the case of an insurance company, it might offer your family a settlement but the loss is not fairly compensated. Insurers settle the cases for lowest sums as far as possible and even family members have no idea how much compensation they could receive for the loss they suffered. A wrongful death case is a complex process and requires a careful evaluation of various factors. Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer can estimate the appropriate compensation level for your condition.

Accidental Death – 

An unnatural death that is caused by an accident such as choking, drowning, crashes, slip and fall, poisoning, traffic collision etc. is considered as an accidental death. Accidental Death Lawyer Houston can file wrongful death lawsuits and can be brought against numerous persons, employees, companies and government agencies. For example – in case of a car accident which involves a faulty roadway or a drunk driver, accidental death action might include defendants such as – 

  • The driver or employer at the fault in the road accident

  • The designer or builder who made that faulty road

  • A government agent that had not provided proper warnings related to hazards that can cause an accident

  • The manufacturer, distributor, or installer of the faulty parts of the vehicle.

  • The persons, who served, sold or gave alcohol to the person driving the vehicle.

  • The owner of the establishment where the alcohol was served to the driver.

Medina Law has experience in recovering the compensation that furnishes the value of the deceased and helps the surviving family to recover from their loss. If you have also lost someone unexpectedly, reach us today with a phone call to see if one of the experienced wrongful death attorneys can help you in your case.