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Looking for Accidental Death Lawyer in Houston?

Law Offices of Francisco G. Medina Jan. 18, 2022

When you lose a loved one, it can be stressful for your family and you. It is difficult to cope with life when you lose a family member. However, it can be ever more difficult if your tragic loss is because of someone else’s mistake. When someone dies after a construction accident or auto accident, they often leave dependents behind. Their family may be desperate for help or unable to meet their expenses after losing a family member to accidental death. 

As a Wrongful Death Attorney, we recognize your pain and we respect your loss. We can help you with the legal process so you get the compensation you deserve while taking the time to grieve. As a Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer, we have experience that is needed to fight alongside you. 

Accidental Death in Texas

Losing a loved one because of somebody else’s fault can be a horrible and traumatic experience. If this happened to you, all you would truly want is your family member back. However, that is impossible. The most effective remedy to this that is available is letting the justice system punish the person responsible for the death of your family member. However, that also depends if the person violated a statute. 

Hence, the only thing you can do to get justice for your loved one is seek compensation through civil courts. A legal remedy that we can offer as an Accidental Death Lawyer Houston. It may seem a little cold hearted to reduce your loved one’s death to a monetary amount but it is what a civil court can provide. 

Dollars are the court’s way of providing compensation to you for your loss and help ease your financial burden since you will face many expenses like medical bills, funeral costs and the loss of any future earnings. Monetary compensation can also be a method of punishing the person responsible for the accidental death. These cases are complex and serious and hence we properly handle them and help you obtain everything you deserve. 

Who Can File An Accidental Death Lawsuit?

As per Texas law, only the deceased’s spouse, parents or children can bring an accidental death lawsuit. Hence, if you have lost your uncle, sibling, niece, aunt, grandparent, nephew or grandchild, then sadly you cannot sue for accidental death. As per law, it makes no difference how close you may have been to the deceased; you cannot sue for wrongful death if you are not a parent, spouse or child.