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4 Steps You Need To Take After A Construction Accident

As a construction worker,you know your job can involve some potentially dangerous working conditions. But your employer should supply you with the proper safety equipment to use andspecific guidelines to follow to create a work environment that is as risk-freeas possible. However, mistakes can still be made, and construction accidentscan still happen.  When you’re the victim of a construction accident, youshould follow a few initial steps to protect your rights and allow us to helpyou get the compensation you deserve.There are several federal and statelaws in the U.S. that protect construction workers who suffer from injuries.Here’s what to do if you are the victim in this scenario:  1.       SeekMedical Attention  First and foremost, of course, you need to be treated for any injuriesyou have sustained from the accident, even if they don’t seem major. You may notthink you broke a bone or suffered a concussion at first, but you never want towait until it is too late. Your medical records can also be a helpful asset toyou if a lawsuit should develop from the accident.  2.       Filea Report with Your Employer  If it is physically possible for you, you need to file an accidentreport with your employer. Be as specific as you can and do your best toinclude everything you remember about the accident. A well-written report canbe the difference between a lengthy legal dispute and a straightforward one.  3.       DocumentEverything  And we mean everything. Takephotos of the site where the accident occurred, the equipment you or otherworkers were using at the time of the accident, and the conditions surroundingthe work area. Visual information can prove to be helpful in any case,especially if your insurance company proves to be difficult in handling thematter.  4.       Consulta Construction Accident Lawyer  In order to determine whether you have a case or to get the best resultsfrom your case, you’ll need a professional on your side. The Law Offices of Francisco Medina in Houston, TX know how tofill out all of the necessary forms and meet other legal requirements withconstruction accidents.  Don’t brush off aconstruction accident. Make sure your rights as a worker are protected. Followthese steps and get in touch with the LawOffices of Francisco Medina to discuss your case today.