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Letter and FAQs

Thanksfor asking about howI represent clients in seriousinjury and death claims againstinsurance companies…   I’mgoing to tell you everything you want to know. How to get a fair settlement for your injuries.  Costly misconceptions about injuryclaims.  Mistakes to avoid when hiring alawyer.  Tough questions to ask.  How I can help you.  And much more.   Itdoesn’t matter what type of insurance claim you have:  Auto accident.  Dangerous product.  Construction site accident.  Nursing home abuse.  Anything.   Whenyou ask me to help you, you’ll profit from my 36 years of experience hardballnegotiating with insurance companies — achieving high-dollar settlements forinjured victims — handling denied claims — and more!   I offeryou the same high level of skill that I have provided to hundreds of clientsover the past 36 years.   Here’sall you do:  Just tell me about yourinjury and the problems you face.   I’llsuggest specific steps we can take to collect money for you in the shortesttime with the highest likelihood of success. With your approval, I’ll preparethe documents and materials we need to persuade the toughest decision-makers.Powerful facts that help them see the benefits of settling your claim –without the hassle, time, cost or effort of going to court.  OK.  Let’s say you’d like me to help you but don’tknow where to begin.  I think I can guessyour questions:  “HOW DO I GET THE INSURANCECOMPANY TO PAY FOR MY INJURIES?”   Thisdepends on the type and size of your claim. Insurance companies are known for dragging out the process.  They may start by saying they don’t owe youone cent.  They may even say you causedyour own injury.  If you convince themthat they should pay your claim, they’ll invent dozens of reasons todelay.  After all, they figure the longerthey wait, the happier you are to settle for even a small amount.   Thefirst thing you should do is call me. I’ll ask you a few simple questions over the telephone.  Then I’ll explain how to protect your legalrights and the steps we should take to make the insurance company pay you themoney you deserve.  “THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER SAID IDON’T NEED AN ATTORNEY.  IS THAT TRUE?”   No.  Insurance adjusters are paid — and sometimesgiven bonuses — for getting you to accept a very small amount of money foryour injuries.  I highly recommend thatyou choose an experienced injury attorney who is focused on yourbest interests.  In fact, Irecommend that you not even talk with the insurance company until you have anattorney representing you.  “THEINSURANCE COMPANY IS OFFERING A GOOD SETTLEMENT.  SHOULDN’T I JUST ACCEPT IT?”   No.  It is almost always a mistake to accept asettlement without first talking with an experienced personal injuryattorney.  Once you agree to a settlement,you lose any other rights you might have. That’s why it pays to talk with an attorney first.  For example, you could find out six monthsdown the road that your injuries are causing other problems.  If you have already settled your case, you cannotopen it again.  Your file is closed.  “I WANT A LAWYER WHO WORKS FULLTIME NEGOTIATING WITH INSURANCE COMPANIES. IS THIS YOUR PRIMARY AREA OF PRACTICE?”   Yes.  I limit my law practice to serious injury anddeath claims against insurance companies. These are the type of claims I handle mostoften:   AutoAccident Cases.  Trucking Accidents, 18Wheelers.  Pedestrian Accidents.  Construction Site Accidents.  Brain and Spinal Injuries.  Injuries to Children.  Nursing Home Abuse.  Wrongful Death.  “HOWMUCH DO YOU THINK MY CASE IS WORTH?”   It’simpossible to answer this question until I evaluate your case.  However, I may be able to give you anestimated range based on the facts and circumstances of your situation.    Factors that determine the value of your claim include: • howsevere your injuries are • whether your injuries are permanent or temporary • whetheryou earn an income and support others • the cost of your medical treatments wwhether you have pain and suffering • whether you or the other party wasnegligent, and • whether you’ll need lifelong care.  Ihave a great deal of experience handling injury cases because I’ve beenevaluating cases and representing seriously injured people for 36 years.  Pleasefeel free to call or e-mail me and I will be happy to give you the benefit ofmy experience and offer you a free, no-obligation consultation.  “WILL I HAVE TO GO TO TRIAL TO COLLECT THE MONEY IDESERVE, OR CAN WE SETTLE OUT OF COURT?”   Mostof the accident claims I handle settle without going to court.  However, there are times when you will likelyget better results if we do go to court. You and I will make this evaluation together.  I am prepared to take whichever path willbetter serve you.  “I NEED HELP FINDING THE RIGHTDOCTOR.  DO YOU KNOW EXPERIENCED DOCTORSI CAN GO TO FOR TREATMENT?”   Certainly.  Over the past 36 years, I’ve worked with manyof the top doctors in Texas.  I’ll beglad to help you find the doctor who is most likely to help you improve yourcondition — and help document your insurance claim.  “WHAT HAPPENS IF I NEED EXPERTWITNESSES AND INVESTIGATORS?  CAN YOUHELP WITH THEM, TOO?”   Yes.  I can find qualified, experiencedprofessionals I depend on in many different fields.  No matter which professionals we need, I’lltake care of everything.  “WHAT LEVEL OF SUCCESS DO YOUACHIEVE FOR YOUR CLIENTS?”   Ican’t put that into a percentage, but the fact that I’ve represented plaintiffsand worked with insurance companies for 33 years is evidence that I havein-depth experience.  I have tried over 50jury trials both in civil and criminal law, in State and Federal Courts.  I have represented a large number of plaintiffsin wrongful death cases.  And I evenrepresented the Federal Government in complex banking cases.  So I am no stranger to the courtroom.   Inaddition, I am a member of the Houston Trial Lawyers Association, Texas TrialLawyers Association, American Association for Justice, and American BarAssociation.  And the international legaldirectory Martindale-Hubbell awarded me an AV Preeminent® rating, which ranksme “at the highest level of professional excellence.”   Certainlynot all cases have high values.  And, onthe other hand, a case that you might think isn’t worth much could wind upbeing worth a great deal.  It depends onthe facts in the case — and on the experience of the lawyer evaluating thosefacts.  “I NEED HELP IN RURAL TEXAS. CANYOU HELP ME OUTSIDE YOUR LOCAL AREA?”   Yes.  If your case involves serious injury ordeath, I will gladly represent you anywhere in Texas.  Let’s talk about your injury and if I canhelp you, distance won’t be a problem.   “HOW DO YOU CHARGE FOR YOURSERVICES?”   Iwork on a contingent fee basis.  Thismeans I do not collect any attorney’s fee or recover any costs unless you winthe case and you collect money.  I willnever ask you for a retainer or any money up front.  Hereis how I calculate fees for most cases:   1.  If your case settles before filing a lawsuit,I collect (33 and 1/3 %) of the gross amount of money we recover, plus expensesincurred to develop the case.   2.  If we have to file a lawsuit, I collect (40 %)of the money we recover, plus expenses incurred to develop the case.   “DO YOU CHARGE ME TO REVIEW MYCASE?”  No.  I’ll gladly review your situation and discussyour claim at no cost.   “WHENCAN WE START?”   Right now, if you like.   Just call me at 713-869-7030 and let’stalk about your injury over the phone. Or drop me an e-mail at and we’ll set a time for aphone appointment.   WARNING: Please don’t delay.  The strengthof your case is based on how much evidence we find to support your claim.  Sometimes, I can compile evidence on yourbehalf, such as medical reports and opinions from expert witnesses.  But at other times — like after an auto ortruck accident — the longer you wait, the more likely evidence is to disappear.   I want you to get justice foryour injury, pain and suffering.  If youwant to protect your legal rights — and recover the money you deserve –please don’t wait one moment longer.   Call me now — or send me ane-mail.  I’ll respond promptly.   Cordially,FranciscoG. 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